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•Cleaners for households are appropriate for surfaces such as parquet, marble and tiles and harm the upholstery and console of the car.

•As the air conditioning system of a car is restricted, the breathing in of such substances may harm the body.

•Household detergents are substances, which have to be purified with water. In general, inside of cars is cleaned without using water.

• While the use of material such as soft soap or dishwashing detergents works out well at the beginning, they might damage the places applied during the course of time.

Even if we pay most attention to inside of our cars, they become dirty and dusty. Especially, the cars of families with children may become worse during the course of time. Spending time in a dirty car may be both, harmful in terms of health and discomfort during driving. Therefore, in-vehicle cleaning is a cleaning, which requires attention.

Those enjoying to take care of their cars may do the cleaning themselves with a little bit of effort. An important point that we have to consider when cleaning inside of the car is, that we should not use the chemicals produced for households in cars. Details of your question how to clean inside of the vehicle are;

Cleaning of floor mats:

•First of all we should take out the floor mats, shake them off, clean them and leave to dry. If your floor mats are made of a material such as gum elastic, which is easy to dry, you can clean them easily with water and brush and leave them to dry under sunshine. For mats made of carpets, it is different. When taking the mats out of the car, you can sweep them with an electric or battery powered sweeper to get rid of the dust; shake the dust off. After, you can clean it with material specifically produced for mats made of carpet (in general, available are sprays) and with a brush. Attention should be paid to most important two points when cleaning carpet mats: Not to use bleaching detergents and thoroughly drying off the mats. Damp mats, which have not dried thoroughly, may cause an uncomfortable smell in your car after a while.

Sweeping of inside of the car:

• If you have done the mats, its time to sweep inside of the car. However, before starting this work, first of all you should remove the seat covers if available. Further, starting in the order to sweep with the back of the seats, the sitting parts and finally the floor will ensure a better cleaning. For sweeping, you can use the cordless vacuum cleaner, if we are close to a plug, the vacuum cleaner or the battery-powered vacuum cleaners specifically produced for cars. For on top of and between the seats, you can use the nose part of the vacuum cleaner and access any point inside of your car. The more you broom the dust and dirt, the easier will be our cleaning work.

•After the vacuum cleaning comes the cleaning of the seats and upholstery. Here, it is important to carry out the work depending on the type of leather and fabric.


After applying the spray produced for the cleaning of vehicle seats onto the seats, we have to wait a little bit. During such period, the dirt will blow up. Then, we rub the seats with a clean and soft sponge. If there are stains on the seats, we have to make use of the chemicals produced for car seats. We spray the product onto the stain. It is possible to remove the stain by rubbing it with a scrubber.


We have to get help from cleaning detergents specifically made for leather upholstery and carry out the cleaning work with a smooth cloth. Hard material or fabric cleaning material will harm the leather. After the cleaning works of the leather upholstery, we have to apply maintenance. Such process will provide both, prolong the economic life of our leather seats and remove the creaking of the seats due to leather upholstery.

•After the cleaning of the seats, it’s turn to come to the front console, door’s interiors and steering wheel. For this purpose, we can again use the mat or polish cleaning spray as we prefer.

After having sprayed the liquid, we wait for a period and wipe it thoroughly with a dry and soft cloth. If there are loudspeakers inside of the seats, we have to take care that such parts are not sprayed.

When the vent holes are cleaned and the dust is removed with a thin hair brush, if you want to get rid of the bad smell and similar bacteria in your air conditioner, you can spray the air conditioner spray specifically developed for air conditioners by using its hose supplied with the product, which is placed into the grids of the air conditioners and provide cleaning and hygiene.

Removal of ice

One of the major problems of the winter for drivers is a car covered with snow and frozen windshields. Removing snow and ice on car may be a little bit inconvenient but when using the right methods, it may not be that hard. Before using your car, you just need 10 minutes to remove the snow and ice on it.

Removing the snow accumulated on the car:

•We can remove the snow on the car with a ice scraper, a flat plastic tool or with our hands. •We should take care when using the ice scraper on the painted parts of the car, as it might be scratched. Without pressing it, we should remove the snow with smooth movements just to push the soft snow. When removing the snow on the roof, we should push it towards the rear or sides of the car, so that we will avoid accumulating more snow on the bonnet.
•After finishing off the snow removal works, when the windshields of the car are not frozen, we will be ready to set off. However, when the windshield of the car and other surfaces are covered with an ice layer, we should do the following: Spray the defroster to the places frozen and melt the ice down to further remove it.

Rims and tires are those parts, which are in most contact with the ground and which get dirty. Asphalt, mud, snow, dust, in short everything gets the rims and tires dirty. From time to time, substances such as pitch, dust of brake lining or oil, which are hardly to remove can smudge the tires and the rims.

Such situations require auxiliary chemicals and dirt removing substances further to classical cleaning methods. You can find such auxiliary dirt removing material from the super markets, building markets or internet in your surrounding.

Jant Temizliği için gerekli malzemeler:
•Brush for the rims/tires
•Car shampoo or rim cleaning spray
•Soft sponge
•Tire polishing spray

How to proceed to clean the rims:
•First of all we wash the rims with a plenty of water and remove the dust. The more the pressure of the water the better will be the removal of the dust on the rims. Then, you will have to cope with less dirt in the sections following.
•We spray the rim cleaning spray to the dirty rims and remove the dirt and detergent from the rims within 2-3 minutes with water thanks to the cleaning spray.

How to proceed to clean the tires:
•First of all we wet the tires.
•Then we clean the tires with the car shampoo, which we have foamed in a bucket and with a pole brush.
•We wash off the foam with water. The more the pressure of the water the better will be the cleaning.
•We spray the tire polisher/smooth over a cloth or a sponge and smear the product over the tire.

Things to take care when cleaning the rims and tires: • Even if you use substances such as soft soap, dishwashing detergents, cola, gas liquid or hydrochloric acid, they might damage the tire and rims during the course of time. Especially corrosion or wear and tear will be major problems which you will encounter in the rims. Therefore, it will be important to use only professional products to prolong the economic life of your rims and tires.

We would like to give you briefly the answers to the questions “How to make practically, easily and simply wax polish at home”, “What to care when making was polish” and “How to cover scratches with was polish”.

Was polish is a protective agent, spread over the surface of the vehicles to correct and polish hairline scratches and tarnished spots. The advantages of wax and polish are quite many. However, we would like to draw your attention to some points to be taken care of. Your vehicles have to be cleaned before applying the wax polish.

Apply the wax polish when your vehicle is cleaned entirely. Because, when your vehicle is dusty or dirty, the wax polish will remove only the dirt and will not provide protection. Over-application of wax polish to same points might remove the paint of the vehicle. Therefore avoid over-application on same points. Further, if you have grazed your vehicle against something and your vehicle has rubbed off onto with paint, the wax polish will remove such paint easily. Take care to smooth and polish the wax polish with cotton and similar clothes. With the protection layer, which the wax polish will create on your vehicle, you will not only protect it from external factors but give it a more vivid view.

Towards winter months, where cold and freezing weather conditions dominate, you have to prepare your vehicle for the winter for not being stuck on the road and having a secure driving. For this purpose, you have to know the answer to the question: “How to make the winter maintenance for a vehicle?” very well.

• Motor control

It is very important that the mechanical part and the motor, the heart of the vehicle is ready for the winter. The most significant factor within the scope of the winter maintenance of a vehicle is the motor. For this reason, you have to control the V belt, the motor oil, air filter and anti-freeze of the vehicle. If the v-belt is loose, make it tighten, control the levels of motor oil, clean the air filter and use the anti-freezing agent, which is appropriate for the temperature degrees of the geography you are in.

• Control and change of tires

As the air temperature drops, the road holding capacity of the tires weakens and hardens. In such situations, you have to control the thread dept and get the winter tires mounted.

• Control of wipers and wiper water

Control of the auxiliary part in the field of vision of your vehicle is important in terms of winter care. The wipers and wiper water will be your major helpers during rainy weather. Check your wipers frequently and change them when you see any wear and tear. Check the wiper water daily and use anti-freezing washer liquid. Check the water outlet points and clean them with the tip of a needle in case of any blocking up.

• Have the Winter Care Set Ready

Do not forget to keep your vehicle winter care set products ready in your rear deck or in the glove compartment ready for safe use of your vehicle in rainy and cold weather. This set should contain a towing chain, a towing rope, antifog, defroster, rain repellent, glass wiper and sponge.

We all use the air conditioning system in our vehicles during the suffocating heat of the summer. However, we experience diverse problems as we do not have the air conditioner services. On top of such problems comes the fact that the air conditioners of vehicles turn into locations of mould and cork, created there due to darkness and humidity, which cause diseases.

• When getting into the vehicle

Internal temperature of vehicles standing under the sun shine will be quite high. Turning on your air conditioner before removing the temperature inside of it will result in both, unnecessary fuel consumption and the long term cooling of the vehicle. After getting into the car, leaving the Windows open for a couple of minutes and then running the air conditioner will help you to remove the intensive hot air inside the vehicle.

• Determine where the smell comes from

If there is a smell coming from the inside of the car when the air conditioning is off, the problem might be most probably inside of the car. When the smell emanates when the air conditioner is on, it might be a problem caused by the fan. This in turn means that your air conditioner needs maintenance.

• Take care of the air inlet channels

Take care that organic waste such as bird droppings; hair, feather etc. are not kept for long in the air inlet channels.

• If your air conditioner does not cool well

The non-proper cooling of your air conditioner is related with the age and maintenance of the vehicle. The gas inside of the air conditioner stays never 100% in the air conditioner. In average, yearly 5-10% of gas is emanated from the system. The reduction of the gas may cause problems in the cooling of the vehicle. Therefore, you have to check your air conditioner maintenance before you enter the summer period.

First of all, let’s start our issue by reminding you of some current issues regarding vehicle washing;

◦Do not wash your vehicle under sun shine.
◦Avoid using dishwashing liquid as soap for washing your vehicle,
◦Wash your vehicle with lukewarm water,
◦Use a soft cloth when washing the vehicle,
◦Wet the vehicle frequently with water,
◦Do not wash the entire vehicle at once and do definitely not use a brush on the vehicle body. Wash the regions of the vehicle, which you have divided into the top, front, back and sides respectively.

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